DiCesare Designs

Designer John DiCesare graduated from college, specializing in sculpture. He worked as an artist, foundry technician and art gallery administrator before turning his creativity to umbrellas and parasols.

John moved to Japan 17 years ago and set out to create innovative, dramatic umbrella designs inspired by elements in nature, such as shells, pumpkins and cherry blossom flowers. “By applying art and engineering, one can create a new series of designs, which are fanciful and innovative. Although the shapes are very distinctive, the items are functionally identical to any other standard umbrella. These items are perfect for those seeking a quality product that is elegant, unique, and boldly eccentric,” says John.

John’s umbrellas, under the DiCesare Designs brand, can be found all over Japan, from major department stores to upscale retail shops. The brand places an emphasis on originality and quality to create an elegant and unique series of designs.

The design studio is located in the Shibuya District of Tokyo, while its flagship umbrellas are handmade in Kyoto by traditional Japanese craftsman. Check out the company's blog to learn more.